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April 30, 2012
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Gathering of the Legendary Dragons by TargonRedDragon Gathering of the Legendary Dragons by TargonRedDragon
From left to right:
Zarthrador Zymenerth the lightning dragon
Wraginor Torokarr the water dragon
Targon Ghanzir the fire dragon
Agamid Drakarum the wind weredragon druid
Iraskor Razor the shadow dragon
Isaac Orthrax the ice dragon
Ethranox Mnotragk the earth dragon
they surround the circle where Dragon God appears

After the Dragon War and Razkhor's defeat, Agamid leads his companions, the Legendary Dragons of Benevolence. Inside the Shrine of Benevolent Dragons, he and his followers gather the circle to meet the Dragon God living in the white dimension. The Dragon God's spirit sprinkles glowing spheres from his body, showing immortality and omnipotence.

Agamid announces the victory in Dragonia, the unification of Three Tribes of Lizardland, and the freedom on Kyatra and Darook. It impresses their master, even though Targon knows that there is still chance to return all Seven Pendants to the White Dimension.

"You have restored peace in Dragonia, my loyal dragons," says the Dragon God. "However, when you want to return my pendants to deliver your mortal world, you may not immediately transmit them. Because you are not totally the legendary dragons yet. There are cairns all over the world which will prove that you are truly the Legendary Dragon of elements. Once you solved their puzzles, you may use the Orb of Elements to send the pendants."

Doubtfully, the Benevolent Dragons cannot recognize the new mystery.

"What shall we do?" Agamid asks, "will you help us?"

"Sadly, Agamid, I cannot guide you. However, since you learn my knowledge, you will easily solve the puzzles from the cairn guardians. You shall go before the oddess's Malevolent Dragons will conquer your race!"

After they concluded the meeting, Agamid and his followers comment:

"This is inevitably a very serious mission to balance the elements on the world for Dragon God," says Agamid. "I must collect the lexicons to improve my mastery as he ordered us."
"What should I do with my beloved Kryllia?" asks Targon, "I won't let them down while I'm on my way to that Fire Cairn, Agamid."
"My father and his faithful companions will never stop us from succeeding the order of Dragon God", Iraskor taunts, scratching his wings.
"From now on, since I am the last of the lightning dragon race, I shall be careful not to become an extinct one," said Zarthrador
"But, Zarthrador," Ethranox tells, "when we are neighbors in our land, I won't let you suffer from those damn foes.
"I hope my kingdom of ice won't be melted under the enemies' flames whenever I'm in the new journey," says Isaac.
"Oh yes," says Wraginor. "On the contrary, underwater journey isn't for you, guys, but I and my family will dive down the sea bed for Water Cairn."

Before they set off to the new journey, Agamid let his companions rest in the Shrine of Benevolent Dragons. They sit on the correct area for one element. They face the main entrance where his friends, family and loyal dragon citizens willl enter for public gathering--draconic cheers and honorable welcomes.

"But, Agamid," said Targon, "It's been a tough job to overcome Razkhor's power and dominance. To relief you and our friends, can I hug you first?"
"Of course not, silly red dragon!" Agamid replies. "I decided that my behavior will not be like whatever you desire. You may do this to the rest of us and your family."

Targon drops his head, feeling humiliated from the leader's dislike.

"Don't worry, brother," Iraskor says, "you can still have me. Agamid is a strict leader of our group, but I won't let your feelings go down when you love wing-hugging other dragons."

"I'm glad that you relieved me with your kindness and generosity, Iraskor," Targon smiled.


It took me almost 3 months of hard work with those 7 dragons, but I still enjoy depicting Targon's story. ^^ I should continue the novel, since this artwork is the illustration of final chapter of "Seeker of Dark Secrets"

Sigh, Dragon God's quality isn't good enough. :P

Isn't it like "The Avengers" because they also assemble? XD

characters, story and art (c) by *kevindragon
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CptWRogers Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
is this story out yet? :D
TargonRedDragon Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sadly it takes much time :(
So I should start with synopsis of the whole stories
CptWRogers Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Cool. Try to sometime ;3
I bet it's fun :D
Espically with you the Huggle dragon in a group of huggable dragons :D
TargonRedDragon Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope so :)

heheh, we are, except the green dragon Agamid, our leader XD
CptWRogers Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Greenie is'nt meanie right? :D
He is all snuggley like ye?
TargonRedDragon Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he's not meanie, heheh. He's a serious dragon ;) He can accept hugs anytime when he's not busy with saving the dragon world ^^
CptWRogers Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
the dragon world? :D
is'nt that the world under evil human invasion?
TargonRedDragon Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welll there's no human in that world since it's overrated...already D&D, Eragon, LotR, etc.
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Gery850 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Great pic.
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